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Good Mooooornin'!

Tue Aug 11, 2015, 6:51 AM
Howdy! I wanted to write a quick update since I haven't had any art to post lately...sorry 'bout that.

The funny thing is I'm creating art on a daily basis, but since it's all for work I can't exactly post it yet hahah. I AM LOVING MY JOB THOUGH!!! I feel like I'm right where I'm supposed to be and I am absolutely loving every moment. I've learned so much and it's only been two months since I started here. The people are awesome and we just moved to a new building with a great view and it's nice and bright so it's all happy and I love it. XD

Aaaand my husband got into his university of choice so he'll be starting school here in a couple of weeks to finish his degree! I'm really excited for him. We've gone through a lot of low points since we got married, but they've made us stronger as individuals and a family and we're grateful for the lessons we've learned (as hard as some of them were to go through). I am working on other projects - albeit slowly- but hopefully I'll get some new work thrown up here soon! 

I am still alive and I'm very grateful for the support and love you guys give me. YOU ROCK.


Sith Elsa by pushfighter The Father Hood by AnthonyHolden Art Nouveau Avatars - The Four Seasons by swadeart Learning To Soar by Miss-Melis Griffin Gryphon Gryffin by Cartilage-Doll The best place to be on a snowy night by PascalCampion Raphaello by JeanLaine

Original Background Texture by Ninelyn, modified by shayfifearts


Good Mooooornin'!

Tue Aug 11, 2015, 6:51 AM
Howdy! I wanted to write a quick update since I haven't had any art to post lately...sorry 'bout that.

The funny thing is I'm creating art on a daily basis, but since it's all for work I can't exactly post it yet hahah. I AM LOVING MY JOB THOUGH!!! I feel like I'm right where I'm supposed to be and I am absolutely loving every moment. I've learned so much and it's only been two months since I started here. The people are awesome and we just moved to a new building with a great view and it's nice and bright so it's all happy and I love it. XD

Aaaand my husband got into his university of choice so he'll be starting school here in a couple of weeks to finish his degree! I'm really excited for him. We've gone through a lot of low points since we got married, but they've made us stronger as individuals and a family and we're grateful for the lessons we've learned (as hard as some of them were to go through). I am working on other projects - albeit slowly- but hopefully I'll get some new work thrown up here soon! 

I am still alive and I'm very grateful for the support and love you guys give me. YOU ROCK.


Sith Elsa by pushfighter The Father Hood by AnthonyHolden Art Nouveau Avatars - The Four Seasons by swadeart Learning To Soar by Miss-Melis Griffin Gryphon Gryffin by Cartilage-Doll The best place to be on a snowy night by PascalCampion Raphaello by JeanLaine

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DeviantArtist Questionnaire

Fri Aug 7, 2015, 6:41 AM
  • How long have you been on DeviantArt?    

  • Looks like I've been on dA for 11 years - I've actually been on here longer but I had another account.

  • What does your username mean?

  • I've gone through several usernames over the years but my current one is just my name with 'arts' thrown on the end, nothing too fancy!

  • Describe yourself in three words.

  • Shy, spiritual, creative.

  • Are you left or right handed?

  • Right handed!

  • What was your first deviation?

  • Fire kitty by shayfifearts

  • I'd like to re-do this one for comparison's sake...

  • What is your favourite type of art to create?

  • I love designing characters. There's nothing more amazing to me than bringing a character from my head to a medium that the whole world can see.

  • If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

  • Oh gosh...I honestly have no idea....I just want to be better at getting my ideas down faster...

  • What was your first favourite?

  • master of fright by briannacherrygarcia
    My actual first favorite has since been placed in storage, so I chose my second favorite.

  • What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

  • Art that features characters...or anything I find really pretty hahah.

  • Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

  • :iconmakani: She's one of the reasons I joined Deviantart in the first place.

  • If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

  • :iconmakani:

  • How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

  • A lot of deviants have impacted my life and I can't list them all here. I've been through some rough times over the years and a lot of my fellow deviants helped me get through it. My friends are the reason I've stuck around here so long!

  • What are your preferred tools to create art?

  • I like digital mediums but I do enjoy a good ole mechanical pencil on any writing surface. I also love sketching on post-its with a ball-point pen!

  • What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

  • Inspiration can strike anytime, anywhere - it's up to you to utilize it when it hits!

  • What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

  • Uuuum I have too many hahah. I just love spending time getting to know my fellow artists!

  •  #DeviantArtistQuestionnaire


Sith Elsa by pushfighter The Father Hood by AnthonyHolden Art Nouveau Avatars - The Four Seasons by swadeart Learning To Soar by Miss-Melis Griffin Gryphon Gryffin by Cartilage-Doll

Original Background Texture by Ninelyn, modified by shayfifearts
Jasy by shayfifearts

Name: Jasy (Jæ -soo) Meaning ‘Moon’
Nicknames: Jass, Soo, Luna
Age: 593
Physical Age: 19
Height: 5’4”
Hair: Straight; dark brown almost black; kept short
Eyes: Amber
Born: 1298 AD

Faction/Occupation: Minister of the Hieros District
        312 years after Jasy arrived in Sybal Heim, her predecessor surprised the Hieros district by announcing his sudden and immediate retirement, stating he no longer felt he was the best person for the position and wished to live a more solitary life with his wife. Rumors flew that pressure from insurgents was the reason behind his retirement but no one knew anything for certain and the former minister refused to say anything further. He retired with his wife to a quiet home nestled on the outskirts of the district.
        Among the speculation and rumors, everyone wondered who their next minister would be, including Jasy. At the time, Jasy was part of the police force and hoped whoever became minister would be willing to listen to her ideas on ways to increase overall security for their citizens. It came as a bit of a shock to Jasy when she opened her door to find Theo standing there with an invitation to interview for the position. She held both Theo and Basileus in deepest reverence and felt this was a high honor. Although a little nervous, she accepted the position, excited for the opportunity and hoped to spread peace and happiness throughout her district.  Jasy’s minister mark is not easily seen – it’s on the inside wrist of her left arm.
        Even though her appointment as minister was unexpected for Jasy, it didn’t come as a surprise to most citizens in Hieros. Although quiet and reserved upon first acquaintance, Jasy warms up with time and becomes friends with almost everyone she meets. She’s very open about her deep love of Hieros and Sybal Heim and her loyalty to the Organizer. She was also very dedicated to her position on the police force and was always ready to serve the people of Hieros. Arriving in Sybal Heim had been a life changing moment for her and she had ever been dedicated to returning any goodness she could to those around her.  
        Jasy quickly proved to be a caring minister, taking note of even the seemingly smallest problems and doing everything in her power to correct them. She values the opinions and experiences of those around her and makes sure everyone’s voice is heard. Her past experiences taught her the best way for a community to thrive is for everyone to do their part – she leads by example and makes sure that everyone contributes to the success of the Hieros District. 

Sybal Form: The Centauro Mimbi
        Jasy’s sybal is a serpentine birdlike creature, about 16 feet long from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail. She has six legs – four front, two hind. Her forearms end with hand-like appendages – ending in clawed fingers that allow her to grasp and function as a human would while her remaining legs are more feline, ending in very dainty paws with retractable claws. When seen, she is most often walking on only four legs, carrying herself upright in order to use her forearms freely. It’s not unusual however to see her down on all six legs, especially when running. Her body moves in a very fluid motion, almost swimming across the ground.
When down on all six legs, she stands about 5 feet tall from the top of her head to her standing feet. When upright, in her “centaur” mode, she stands about 7 ½ feet tall from the top of her head to her feet.
Her mouth is full of small, needle-sharp teeth, sloped backwards, allowing her particular success when fishing as her prey will be unable to wriggle from her grasp. She also has small but very sharp claws and a plume of spines that run from her head down her neck and back providing extra protection. She can raise these spines, usually if she feels angry or threatened. Normally they lay fairly flat. When she’s pleased or comfortable, she makes a purring/humming noise. If she’s frightened or angry she hisses much like an angry cat or a snake.
        She also has a long prehensile tail, which comes in handy when she’s climbing (something she loves to do). It is long and thin, but very strong and ends with long tufts of luxuriously soft fur. She is very agile and able to move through almost any terrain without much difficulty. She can also run fairly quickly, her top speed clocking in at 37 mph. A very accomplished swimmer, she can hold her breath for 15 minutes when she’s fishing or just out enjoying a swim in the river.
        Her body is very colorful – reflecting her jungle upbringing – and her white markings almost always glow. Her eyes are pure white except for a red pupil. Many find her gaze a little eerie until they become used to it. Though rare, her markings can lose their luminosity. Few people have seen her like this. 

Sybal Power: Translocation
        When Jasy first took her sybal form, she honestly didn’t think she had an ability. After a few days of living in Sybal Heim however, she noticed her markings were beginning to glow. She was a little disappointed that her only ability was to stand out like a sore thumb and was extremely uncomfortable being unable to hide herself anywhere after spending her entire life up to this point learning how to be invisible in the jungle.
        After a few weeks living in her new home however, Jasy finally managed to figure out what her true ability is. Thanks to a close call with a rather aggressive feral sybal, Jasy discovered that her sybal power is the ability to translocate – to disappear and appear in a new location at will. Growing up in the dangerous jungles of Paraguay, Jasy learned to move about as a predator – silently and invisibly. It took her awhile to get used to losing her invisibility at night thanks to her ever-present glowing, but once she mastered her translocating she no longer felt the need to hide at night. 
        The glowing she experiences actually serves a very specific and important purpose. It is a physical manifestation of her energy – the energy she needs to translocate. Though it took her nearly 50 years, she eventually learned to fully utilize this energy.  
        When she translocates, she uses her energy and depending on how much she uses will determines how quickly she disappears. She can fade slowly, glowing brightly for a moment as she does – or if she feels the need she can disappear instantly in a blinding flash of light. Many have nicknamed her ability as “Flaring”.
         One side effect of her ability is how much energy it takes for her to use it. Upon entering Sybal Heim she noticed she was always hungry. Over time she learned that her metabolism works at an incredible rate, burning everything she eats and turning it into this energy. To make up for this amazing caloric burning, Jasy eats constantly; even in her human form Jasy is always seen snacking on something. If she doesn’t have enough energy, she cannot flare. You can tell how much energy she has by how brightly her markings glow. So when her markings lose their luminosity, she is at her weakest physically as she cannot use her ability. But she can still rely on her skills as a hunter to disappear if need be.
Jasy cannot translocate to places she has not seen, nor can she move through solid objects. So she can’t flare to a specific tree if she’s never seen it, and she can’t flare into or out of places (ex. She can’t flare through a closed door or a wall). If she tries, nothing will happen – she’ll simply sit there looking rather foolish. If there is a door or window open however, and it’s somewhere she’s been before, she can flare into or out of a building.
Distance also plays a role in her translocating. Just like with running or any other physical activity, the farther you go the more tired you become. So the farther Jasy has to flare somewhere, the more energy it requires. She usually sticks to shorter distances to preserve energy, unless it’s necessary to travel farther.
Although rare, Jasy can translocate another sybal with her. They must be touching and they both have to be thinking of the same destination – otherwise it won’t work. This requires a great deal of energy, so Jasy only uses this as a last resort or under dire circumstances. 

Docile or Feral: Docile
        Jacy is docile and enjoys spending her nights indulging in her curiosity. As a human Jasy is quiet and reserved but as a sybal she’s much more inquisitive and outgoing. She enjoys meeting new acquaintances or catching up with old friends and is always ready for a game or challenge to pass the time. She has a special affinity for puzzles and delights in anyone who presents her with one in any form – be it physical or mental. Upon taking up the role of minister however, she started spending more of her time alone or with only a close companion. She can be found wandering in the forest, swimming in the river or exploring the districts, often deep in thought. The responsibilities of her status and insurgent threats weigh constantly on her mind and she enjoys the solitude to mull things over. Though alone more often, she’s very good at turning up if ever someone is in need.
        Even though very much capable of inflicting damage, Jasy much prefers to use her translocation ability to avoid physical conflict whenever possible. However she is very conscious of the fact that there are those who might see her as an enemy because of her minister status. Although she doesn’t consider the insurgents “enemies” necessarily, she will defend her beliefs, her district, her citizens and Basileus with utmost ferocity when provoked.

Jasy is soft spoken and comes across as rather shy upon first acquaintance. She doesn’t say anything that doesn’t need to be said and enjoys listening to those around her. If asked, she’s more than happy to share a story or too, but being the center of attention is never something she strives for. Of course she won’t hesitate to share her opinion or correct someone if they are speaking falsely, but for the most part she keeps her thoughts to herself. When she does speak up, people tend to listen because they know she wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t worth saying.
In this Jasy is quite calculating. Her life was simple before Sybal Heim – kill or be killed was one of the main rules she lived by. To survive, one must become a predator. Predators hunt. Hunters listen to the world around them to find their prey and to avoid becoming prey themselves. She might be in a new environment but the rules are still very much the same. She no longer has to hunt and kill to survive, but she’s still a hunter at heart. Her quietness isn’t about shyness –she is paying attention. Humans are complicated creatures and she knows there are threats out there – hidden and in the open. So she’s always alert and watching for predators who might wish to harm her or her district.
The easiest way to break Jasy out of her shell is to present her with something new – her eyes light up and she reverts to a more child-like version of herself – asking a million questions to satiate her appetite for knowledge. She has a deep curiosity and a voracious appetite for learning. Coming to Sybal Heim opened her mind to how big the world really is and she couldn’t get enough of the different cultures and everything that came along with it. Although not a natural social butterfly, she tends to hang out in large crowds so she can people-watch. Listening and watching people is one of her favorite pastimes as she always learns something new.
Even though she doesn’t exude personality, she has a very compassionate heart and her mind is always on the people of her district. She takes time each day to be among them – seen and unseen – so she can get to know them, wanting to know what’s working and what isn’t. Her tribe taught her that no one can survive for long on their own – it takes the combined efforts of each individual in order for the entire tribe to survive. Giving everything she had for the good of her tribe was an everyday part of life and it’s something she’s carried into her position as minister. Her district runs best when her people think of others before themselves. In putting their needs above her own, she has set a standard for all to follow. She also never thinks of herself as above anyone. A leader is no better than her followers – she simply has more responsibility. If she is unwilling to serve, she is unfit to lead.
Jasy faces hardships with an unwavering optimism. Jasy lost everyone she cared about in one day and it left its mark on her, but she feels that experience led her to Sybal Heim – somewhere she’s been able to find a peace and excitement that even her jungle home couldn’t provide. Since entering the city she’s grown more as a human being and individual; she thanks her hardship for making that possible. Bad things happen but she has seen the amazing ability humans have of overcoming all odds to rise victorious over the worst of trials. She uses this to find the good in everyone and any situation. Problems are nothing more than a puzzle to be solved. Every question has an answer, and it only takes an open heart and mind to find them. 

Deep in the jungles of Paraguay in 1298AD, a small Guarani tribe made up of a few families welcomed twins into their tribe. It was rare for twins to be born; it was even rarer for both babies to survive the birth. Unfortunately, their mother did not. But the babies arrived healthy and strong - the first, a little girl, was born in the middle of the night when the moon was highest in the sky. Her twin brother was born as the sun rose upon that night. The loss of their mother came as a hard blow to their father, but he knew he was now their only chance of surviving in a jungle full of things eager to kill them.  He named the little girl Jasy – meaning moon – and her brother was named Kuarahy – meaning sun.  
Jasy was a quiet, observant child, always watching her surroundings and learning as she went. Her brother was the opposite – loud and rambunctious, he was always looking for a new challenge and often landed himself in trouble. The two siblings were inseparable and could cause a lot of mischief if left unchecked. Their lives were simple, but happy. As they grew, both children began learning the ways of their tribe. Normally female children are taught by their mothers but because Jasy’s mother passed away, she was raised by her father – who never remarried – alongside her brother learning the skills of a hunter and tracker. She never fit in with the other girls, who spent their time tending the crops, making clothes and jewelry and tending smaller children alongside their mothers. Jasy grew up as one of the boys and really didn’t think anything of it – she adored her father and brother.
When they had free time, Jasy and Kuarahy were always in and out of the jungle, playing and egging one another on. They were both very curious about their jungle home and loved learning its secrets. They made sure to stay within the boundaries set by their elders – they didn’t want to trespass into the territory of other tribes. It wasn’t long before Jasy and Kuarahy knew every tree in their territory. Their curiosity often got them into trouble – including a close call with a jaguar – but they always managed to escape with nothing more serious than a few scratches.
By the time they neared adulthood, Kuarahy was a skilled hunter and well on his way to being a formidable warrior. His weapon of choice was a long, sharp blade and a heavy club. He preferred to be right in the action. Jasy on the other hand preferred the long bow, and became a long range hunter with deadly accuracy. But if cornered, she was also very dangerous, using her small size, agility and hunting knife to out maneuver her opponents.
        Jasy’s greatest weapon however was her ability to move about without making a noise. Even though all of the tribe members learned to be stealthy when in the jungle, Jasy had the ability to become virtually invisible. When out hunting with her brother, even he would lose her amongst the foliage if she didn’t want to be seen.
    The twins complimented each other well – Jasy’s sharp eyes and ability to stalk would lead the hunt while her brother’s speed and skill with a blade almost always guaranteed a successful kill. If ever their prey did manage to escape his grasp, Jasy’s bow made short work of their quarry.
        At the age of twelve, young men and women of the tribe went through initiation rites in order to reach adulthood. They were kept separate from other members of the tribe, being with only one of their parents – father if you were a boy, mother if you were a girl. Both received piercings - the boys received a piercing in their bottom lip and the girls in the nose. They lived off a diet of only vegetables. The boys participated in a hunt with their fathers, the young men having to be the one to make the actual kill, while the young women spent several days with their mother, preparing to be a wife and mother.
        Because Jasy did not have a mother, and she had been raised the same as her brother, her initiation was also the same as his. She and Kuarahy participated in their ritual together and they managed to bring down a large boar – something few other men had done. The twins both received a piercing in their bottom lip – the mark of a hunter and warrior – and were welcomed into the tribe as adults.
This meant they were both at the age of marrying and starting a family of their own. Given that tribe member’s life spans were shorter, they were married and started families at a younger age. Jasy had no interest in any of the men of their tribe and since most of the men her age had grown up hunting alongside her, none of them thought of her as anything more than a fellow hunter. 
Kuarahy on the other hand already had a young woman he was deeply in love with. Jasy approved of his choice, a beautiful young woman named Mimbi. Though slightly jealous that she no longer held her brother’s undivided attention, she was happy that he was happy.
At the age of 14, Kuarahy and Mimbi wed and started their family. Jasy remained with her father, and watched as her brother’s family slowly grew. As she watched her brother grow into a father, she felt a deep longing she’d never experienced before. She and her brother had always done everything together and it was finally hitting her that this was something completely Kuarahy’s. She could not be part of this step in his life. While this sadness deepened within her, she tried to find happiness elsewhere – spending more and more time hunting and exploring to distract herself.
        As time passed, the twins grew into leading members of the tribe. At the age of 19, Jasy was healthy, strong and content with her life. She and Kuarahy were still close, but their days of romping through the jungle searching for adventure were over. Instead they focused on protecting their village and providing for those within. Jasy kept her hair short, never really feeling feminine, and thought of herself as a warrior. She was treated with the same level of respect as the other men. Although still longing for something more, she accepted her lot and focused on being the best aunt she could be to her niece and nephew.
        Of course Jasy still looked for opportunities to spend time alone with her brother and she often woke him early to go on hunting trips, just the two of them. Nothing was unique about this particular morning as Jasy awoke her brother for a hunt. She waited patiently as Kuarahy kissed Mimbi and his two children goodbye before finally setting off, leaving the rest of their tribe still sleeping.
        It was a rainy day in the jungle, which meant tracking was easy. They quickly found a herd of deer and were able to take down a particularly fat doe. As they were nearing home with their kill, Kuarahy suddenly flung his arm out to stop Jasy. She looked at him, confused, until she realized why. Silence. No laughter from the children in the tribe, no sounds of cooking or other daily chores. Not even the birds in the trees were making noise. They dropped their kill and immediately switched to hunting mode, stalking forward silent and invisible amongst the trees. As their village came into view, both of their hearts sank – their grassy huts were destroyed; trampled by an invading tribe. The lifeless bodies of their loved ones lay sprawled across the ground. Jasy suppressed a sob, terrified and angry as she took in the carnage.
        Kuarahy made a noise like an injured jaguar and leaped from the trees – racing towards his hut and to his family. Numbly, Jasy followed more slowly searching for her father’s body. She found him sprawled in the middle of the village. Tears escaped her eyes as she saw her fearless father finally defeated. She knelt next to him and gently closed his eyes. She prayed to the spirits in her father’s behalf, and then slowly moved from body to body, doing the same for the rest of her tribe members.
        When she finished, she went to find Kuarahy. He was kneeling beside the body of Mimbi, holding the lifeless bodies of his two children. Her eyes saw, but her mind couldn’t comprehend. Her brother’s shoulders shook as sobs racked his body. For several minutes they remained where they were the only sound coming from Kuarahy. Finally, Jasy forced herself forward and she placed a hand on her brother’s shoulder. To her shock and surprise, her touch seemed to awaken him and he jerked away from her touch. She backed away as he stood up, a darkness clouding his face.
        He glared at her and she stared back; for the first time in her life she was afraid of him. His eyes were looking right at her but it was as though he was looking through her. He turned away slowly and lowered the bodies of his children so they lay next to their mother. Staring at them for a moment, he touched each of their faces one more time, stood up, grabbed his weapons and ran off in the direction the invading tribe had left without giving Jasy a backward glance.
        Jasy yelled after him, but he ignored her. She feared his intentions and ran to grab her weapons before following him. The invading tribe had about 15 members still with them – they’d lost seven in their raid – and they’d stolen as many animals and goods as they could before heading back to their tribe. Being weighed down with all they’d taken, plus trying to herd animals through the thick foliage, they hadn’t gotten far from Jasy and Kuarahy’s home. They believed they’d killed everyone in the village and weren’t paying attention to what was behind them, so they had no idea they were being stalked.
        Kuarahy wasn’t as stealthy as his sister, but he was faster and he knew this part of the jungle so he was able to catch up to the enemy without being spotted. Anger boiled through him and he was prepared to kill as many of these monsters as he could, even if he went down with them.
        Jasy was frightened as she ran through the jungle trying to catch up with her brother – she’d never seen Kuarahy look through her like that, as though he was seeing something that wasn’t there. It worried her. She didn’t know what his plan was but she knew he was passionate about Mimbi and loved his children. Their loss seemed to have broken something inside of him.        Kuarahy hid in the trees stalking his prey. Suddenly arrows began raining down upon the tribe. Being caught off guard, several of these men fell before they realized they were under attack. They were quick to rally themselves however and soon took chase. Kuarahy used his knowledge of the forest to evade the men and was able to take several more of them down before his anger clouded his judgment and he found himself surrounded.
        By the time Jasy finally caught up with Kuarahy – following a trail of carnage – the remaining members of the enemy tribe were gone, leaving Kuarahy lying motionless on the jungle floor, several spears piercing his body. Jasy ran to him as a sob escaped her. She knew his injuries far surpassed her ability to heal. His breathing was extremely labored and he was going in and out of consciousness. Jasy held his head in her lap, tears falling from her eyes and mixing with his blood. Slowly, he reached out a hand to touch her face, a simple gesture that said both, “I’m sorry” and “I love you.”
        Suddenly his hand fell, he let out one more breath and she knew. Experience as a hunter told her the moment he was gone. Shock filled her body – for the first time in her life, she was completely alone. She sat on the ground gently stroking her brother’s face, the tears flowing freely. Even though she was covered in blood and surrounded by her dead enemies, which would attract any number of predators, Jasy found herself unable to move. She waited for some emotion to crash in and overwhelm her, but the only thing she felt at that moment was emptiness. Alone. She was utterly alone.
All was silence for what felt like an eternity, when suddenly the hair on the back of Jasy’s neck stood up. She looked around, weapon in hand, expecting to see someone there but found herself still alone. The feeling left as quickly as it came and she felt empty again. Looking around, she realized how vulnerable she was, sitting on the jungle floor and she turned back at her brother longingly.
        She closed her brother’s eyes gently and kissed him on the forehead before standing up. She collected his hunting knife and removed the necklace from around his neck of teeth and claws he wore from a jaguar they had killed with their father a few years earlier. Placing it around her own neck she then gave him a simple burial ceremony, saying a proper goodbye to her best friend. Turning to face the unknown, she left his body without looking back; the jungle would claim his body and he would become part of the home they loved so dearly. This was the best way she could honor her brother.
        Jasy left. She didn’t return to her village – what was there to return to? All alone in a jungle full of danger, Jasy wandered. She hardly ate or drank anything nor could she really sleep. She was surrounded by plants and bugs and animals, yet she felt completely alone. She cried now more than she’d cried her entire life, trying to figure out what she would do next. Each night she found a new hiding spot to spend the night. It was far too dangerous to traverse the pitch black jungle at night. She might be alone and hopeless, but she was not suicidal. Her instinct to survive was too strong, and she didn’t believe she’d ever be reunited with her family if she died anything less than a warrior’s death. So at night she hid and let the loneliness overwhelm her, wishing and praying that she’d find someone to be with. That she wouldn’t die alone.
        One night Jasy woke suddenly – she wasn’t sure what had awoken her but she felt like someone was standing only feet away from her; the feeling she’d felt of being watched when she was in the clearing with Kuarahy had returned. Though she couldn’t see, she could feel something was different and she decided to risk leaving her hiding spot to pursue whatever this was. Grabbing her weapons slowly, she stood up and began moving through the darkness in silence. Something was pulling her toward it and she was determined to find out what it was. 
As she moved she noticed something strange – she could see. The farther she moved the lighter it became. With more light she realized why; the trees had changed. These were not the jungle trees she knew and there was far less foliage here. These trees did not block out the sky like the jungle she was used to. She’d walked into a completely new world. She looked up to see the moon – her namesake – guiding her.
Stories began racing through her mind – tales her people told of another world. They believed everyone has two souls; an earthly soul and a divine soul. These divine souls reside in a divine world, somewhere separate from the world they know. It’s a world free from pain and suffering – a land her tribe’s shaman called ‘the land without evil’. Could she have wandered into the divine land? Had the spirits heard her? Would her family be there?
        Jasy continued moving through this strange new jungle, wondering where she was but somehow knowing this is where she was meant to be. As she wandered the sun began rising until its rays illuminated her surroundings with warmth and brightness. She closed her eyes, soaking in the dry warmth and breathing in the strange new scents of this world.
        Suddenly, she heard a noise like someone clearing their throat and she jumped in surprise, turning to see who had managed to sneak up on her. Standing before her was a man dressed in very strange clothing. She stared at him warily but curious. If this man could have snuck up on her in broad daylight with nothing around to use as cover, he certainly could have harmed her if he wanted. She didn’t get the impression he meant her ill will.
        The man began to speak and she was shocked to find she could understand him. He introduced himself as Theo and started telling her about her new home – a city called Sybal Heim. The longer this Theo spoke, the more Jasy couldn’t help but trust him. Upon receiving reassurance that she wasn’t dead, thoughts of finding her family here quickly vanished. Yet she felt as though this was a place she would find peace – she had to at least try. For the first time since losing her family, she felt hope. She smiled, stepped forward and accepted Theo’s welcome, following her new guide and friend into Sybal Heim.
        Despite everything she had just endured, Jasy couldn’t help but be struck with amazement at the sights that now greeted her eyes. She couldn’t have dreamed of anything more beautiful and astounding. Her mind couldn’t quite grasp the concept of a city with so many people living in one space. It was unbelievable but exciting too. Jasy soaked it all in like the sun – the sights, smells, sounds and people overwhelmed her senses. The more she saw, the surer she was that this was a special place – somewhere she could be safe and happy and no longer alone.
        Jasy thrived in her new home. She took everyday to learn new things, speaking to people when she felt comfortable enough and listening to their stories, trying new food, learning new games. She spent a lot of her time reading and learned many languages, thrilled at the ability to communicate with people in their native tongue. Early on, she joined the police force, deciding that was the best way for her to use her warrior skills and best serve the people of her new home. It was Jasy’s way of showing her gratitude to the spirits and Basileus for hearing her pleas and bringing her to Sybal Heim.     

Additional Info:

    -        The loss of her family affected Jasy very deeply, especially the death of her brother. Though she hides it well, the pain is ever present. To help fill the loss she feels, Jasy doesn’t think of others in Sybal Heim as friends so much as her new family. Her fellow ministers all have a certain place in her heart – be it a father figure, brother or sister. The one role no one has yet been able to fill is that of mother.

    -        Jasy is particularly close to Minister-in-training, Sila. The two hit it off right away. Out of everyone Jasy has met, Sila is the first person to make Jasy feel completely comfortable being silly. Sila’s bubbly personality helps Jasy open up and be herself. She thinks of SIla as a younger sister and one thing is for certain – when these two get together, good times are ahead!

    -        Jasy finds particular delight in teasing Theo. She has absolutely no romantic interest. Rather since the loss of Kuarahy, she thinks of Theo especially as a brother, someone who has helped fill the void in her heart left by Kuarahy’s death. And as one does with brothers, she can’t help teasing him now and then just to see him squirm. To anyone unfamiliar with Jasy, her teasing and flirting can come off as rather disrespectful – especially when she and Sila tag team the teasing. But it is in fact Jasy’s way of showing her gratitude and affection. Theo represents new beginnings and happiness in her mind and she has nothing but the deepest respect for him.

    -        It took Jasy a long time to be comfortable with her femininity. She learned from other woman in Sybal Heim – as well as men – what it means to be a woman. Once she fully embraced her feminine side she accepted herself as both a woman and a warrior. As a symbol of acceptance Jasy pierced her nose, completing the ritual of her people. She now wears a piercing in her nose to represent her femininity and in her lip to represent the pride she has as a warrior.

    -        Even though accepting her femininity, she still prefers to keep her hair short. Long hair just gets in the way. Though she does love braiding and accessorizing Sila’s hair on a regular basis.

    -        Jasy has always been comfortable around men, seeing as she was practically raised a man, but there is currently no love interest in Jasy’s life. Part of the journey to discovering her femininity was realizing that men in Sybal Heim found her desirable. She’d never experienced this before and was a little surprised to discover she enjoyed flirting and developing relationships with men that had nothing to do with hunting or fighting. But her heart is heavily guarded. As soon as anyone begins showing a deeper interest in her, she immediately puts a stop to it. It’s not that she doesn’t want love; but the idea terrifies her. She’s not sure she can open up and risk getting hurt. That’s not to say true love will never find her, but she isn’t actively seeking true affection from anyone. Any man serious about being with Jasy would have to be very patient and determined.

    -        As both a human and sybal, Jasy has the uncanny ability to move about the city/forest without making a noise. It can be quite unsettling for those not used to it – even some of her veteran staff still gets startled by her sudden appearance. It comes in handy if ever she needs to make a quick getaway or avoid unwanted attention when roaming the city. Many have suggested forcing her to wear a bell but no one has managed to pull it off yet.

    -        Jasy has a special affinity for music and she loves to sing, but she rarely does so in public. She does however have a love and talent for learning and playing musical instruments. It’s one topic that she’ll open up and talk about and she gets especially excited when she comes across someone who plays an instrument she hasn’t yet mastered. She enjoys playing regularly either alone or with others.

    -        Growing up in a jungle, Jasy’s clothing options were very limited. Coming to Sybal Heim opened her eyes to a lot of things, but something that stuck out to her were the many different fashions. She loves the never ending combination of styles and colors and is always trying something new. Her wardrobe has become a way for her to express herself without having to use words. Theo is her go-to Fashion guru and she gets a lot of advice on style from him. Her closet is quite extensive – but she has an open door policy on it. Pretty much anyone who wishes can come borrow from or add to her closet. There are only a few items she keeps in her personal store of clothes. Shoes are the one thing she does not enjoy – unless forced, she makes sure that all of the shoes she wears (if she wears any at all) will not hinder her ability to move silently.

    -        One of Jasy’s favorite methods of learning is letting people talk and listening. You can learn a lot about a person from having a simple, honest conversation. Listening to people’s stories – especially about their lives before Sybal Heim and what brought them here – is one of her favorite pastimes.

    -        Learning languages is another of Jasy’s gifts. She speaks over 53 languages fluently and hopes to learn more.

    -        Though she prefers to be non-violent, Jasy does know how to defend herself. She trains daily to make sure her body remains strong and sharp. She uses her small size and agility to out maneuver opponents who favor size and strength. Her weapon of choice is still a long bow. Her eyes are as keen and accurate as ever. She also carries a small knife at all times in case of trouble.

    -        The hunting knife and necklace she took from her brother are over the fireplace in her bedroom. In doing so, she feels as though his spirit is always watching over her. 


I Got a New Job!!!!

Tue Jun 16, 2015, 9:14 PM

So I've been MIA for a bit and I do apologize - I've had a lot going on!

Last week I started at my new job as an Illustrator for Cricut! I can't even begin to tell you how much I freaking love it! Not only am I making considerably more money than my previous job, but I'm getting paid to draw and craft and be creative. WHAAAAA?! It's seriously so amazing. Seriously. If I could have created my dream job (aside from being an artist at Disney or Pixar) this would be it. And it only takes me 8 minutes to drive to work. 8 minutes you guys!

My husband is going to go back to school full time and I get to start my art career. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I'm totally in my element. I'm loving every second of it. It's nice because I'm finally learning Illustrator along with other things and that'll give me a broader range of skill sets.

I'm also working on some super exciting freelance projects! So all in all, I'm extremely busy but I haven't been this happy in a long time. Now that life is settling down a bit I should be able to get some artwork posted, so I'll be back!



Sith Elsa by pushfighter The Father Hood by AnthonyHolden Art Nouveau Avatars - The Four Seasons by swadeart Learning To Soar by Miss-Melis Griffin Gryphon Gryffin by Cartilage-Doll

Original Background Texture by Ninelyn, modified by shayfifearts

Would anyone be interested in a lineart/coloring tutorial? My technique has changed A LOT since my last tutorial so I thought it might be beneficial to update... 

44 deviants said YES, PLEASE!
18 deviants said Sure, why not?
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